Clean dog: How to finally get there

Find out how to get your dog clean easily and quickly with our simple and effective advice, provided by a dog trainer.

A clean puppy above all

Making a dog clean is the first step in training for the puppy and for his master. It is possible from 3 months on average and it takes about a month. It is important not to separate a puppy from its mother while it is not yet weaned. It is also important to prepare for the puppy’s arrival at home by reserving his place and the place where he will eat. It is also essential to plan when and how outings for needs will take place.

So, if you have thought carefully about these outings, getting your dog clean will be much easier than improvising. A puppy does not hold well and this must be taken into account. It is necessary to take it out more often than an adult dog. While an adult dog can go out 3 times a day on average, a puppy needs to go out approximately every 3 hours.

To potty train a puppy, you must plan to take him out often. Leaving the puppy alone for long hours, coming home and shouting at him because he did his business on the carpet, this is unfortunately a common situation which is traumatic for the dog, unpleasant for the owner and which does not does not help with the acquisition of cleanliness.

Making a dog clean: punishment and reward

Punishing the dog when he has not been clean is of no use if we do not take care to reward him when he does his business where we want him to do it. Indeed, we can congratulate a dog who does his business just as we congratulate him when he gives a paw. For encouragement to do well to be effective, it is better to give a treat starting with a larger portion then reducing it little by little and finally ending with simple congratulations.

A puppy is thus trainable in cleanliness because he understands not only that he should not do his business inside but also and above all because he understands that it is much better to do it outside. .

Punishing a dog does not consist of putting his head in his needs because it has been shown that this gesture is completely useless. Punishing a dog can be done by sending it to lie down in its basket (your basket, your place) some owners send their dog “to the corner” like children in the past, others raise their finger by grabbing – without pulling – the dog by the scruff of the neck. Without violence and without shouting, the voice and gesture are firm.

Having a clean dog requires attention

Getting a dog potty trained requires attention for about a month. This is the average time observed for the animal to learn that doing its business in the house is prohibited, but it is also the time it takes for a puppy to learn to contain itself physically.

It is therefore strongly recommended, when acquiring a dog, to take at least a week’s leave or even two and to devote yourself to this first stage of education which is crucial, so that it takes as little time as possible.

To train a puppy to be clean, you must be available to take him out very regularly, before he shows the desire to do his business. It is also better to catch him in the act to tell him that he should not do this.

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