Barking Dog: The Secret to Getting Your Dog to Stop BarkingBarking Dog Working to teach your dog to stop barking can be a real difficult and tedious task. Let’s face it, dogs like to bark.

Moreover, it is even a very natural thing for them, just as it is normal for human beings to speak.

It’s good when dogs start barking too much that it becomes a problem for all parties involved – especially when it comes to our cranky neighbors!

Taking all of this into consideration, our goal should therefore be not to stop our dog from barking completely, but rather to control excessive barking.

Why do dogs bark? Teach them to stop barking now!

Keep in mind that there are situations when we want our dogs to bark and there are also times when we would like to hear what our guest has to tell us when they come to our house. The first step in changing the behavior of an excessive barker is to determine why this dog is barking in the first place.

Once you have identified the cause or trigger of this problem, you can then start thinking about a solution and a training plan that suits your dog.

But before we talk about solutions and training plans, it is important to know more and understand the reasons why dogs start barking and why it becomes so difficult for us to calm them down when this kind of situation arises. product…

How to get your barking dog to stop.

There are many reasons why your dog starts barking. Here is a list that might help you learn more on the subject… Dogs generally bark because:

  1. They are trying to send you a message. This is their way of expressing their needs since, after all, they are not capable of speaking our language. Whether it’s for food, water, play, potty, or something else, barking is the only way dogs can let you know they need you to do something. him.
  2. Some dogs were bred to bark. If, for example, you adopted a terrier, don’t be surprised if he feels an irrepressible desire to bark at every opportunity he gets.
  3. They bet on their territory. What animal wouldn’t want to defend its territory and let other animals in the area know not to come near? Even humans feel the need to put barriers between their homes and have established rules of civility in society; Barking is therefore the barrier that your dog can use to protect itself.
  4. Barking is a way of alerting other members of your clan (we’re talking about you and other members of your family here) that danger is imminent.
  5. While playing, just out of pure excitement – this is a very common type of barking among puppies especially.
  6. They bark when they see other animals. For example, if you are “lucky” enough to have squirrels or opossums hanging around near your home, don’t be surprised if your dog starts barking, out of curiosity, to let you know what he is saw or to scare away the animal.
  7. If they feel isolated. If we don’t like loneliness in general or worse, feeling stuck in one place, dogs are like that too. Avoid locking them in a place that will make them feel stuck. Note that this kind of thing can also influence your dog’s personality and the emotions he will feel towards you.
  8. Some dogs bark when separated from their clan (you and your family).
  9. When dogs feel trapped behind fences or windows for example, they also tend to start barking.
  10. Just for fun! If we feel the need to howl or talk to let off steam, dogs only have one way to let off steam; barking…
  11. Dogs must express dominance. For example, puppies will try to test you at a certain stage of their growth by displaying a dominant position while barking).
  12. Owners who inadvertently reward their dog for excessive barking will tend to do it again believing that it is the right thing to do to get rewards.
  13. Boredom or lack of physical and mental stimulation can also be the cause of barking from dogs trying to make you understand that he needs to move!
  14. Just like us, dogs can feel stressed or uncomfortable. This can happen when they feel threatened or if you don’t give them a suitable place to sleep, among other reasons. Their solution

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